This article describes each of the Permission settings in Cascade, and what access they grant.

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From the Profile > Organization > Permissions tab, a Cascade admin can define the accessibility and visibility of various admin interfaces in Cascade for all Roles. You can assign different Permissions to different Roles. 

Setting Permissions

There are 3 different Permissions in Cascade that grant different individuals varying visibility over different aspects of the system.

  • Strategy: Can design and edit the Strategic Plan; view, edit, and update progress on all Goals in the system; and view additional reports. (Note: all Users without this permission can still view the Strategic Plan)

  • Organization: Can manage anything under Admin>Organization including: Org Units, Users, Roles , Permissions.

  • System: Can modify system settings (Admin>Settings), including: switching features on/off, configuring dates, and system branding.

Note: Permissions are attached to Roles and NOT to Users – so if a user moves into a new Role, they will inherit the Permissions of that Role rather than retain their existing ones. 

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