Competencies (Limited Support)

This article will explain what competencies are, how they can be used, and where to manage them.

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Competency Management is now deprecated and we will only provide limited maintenance and support for clients using this.

Competencies are a feature of Cascade that allow you to assign ‘Critical’ and ‘Desired’ skills to Roles. For example, you may create a Role Description called ‘Head of Marketing’ and assign a critical competency to that Role of ‘Analytic Capability’. Once you’ve assigned competencies to Roles, you can perform a number of actions with the feature including:

  • Competency Self Assessments – Where individuals can rate their own skills against those required for their Role.

  • Competency Manager Assessments – Where managers can rate the skills of their team members against those required for their Roles.

  • Organisation Wide Competency Analysis – Gain an understanding of what skills your organisation posses in abundance vs where you have gaps.

Users with the ‘Performance’ permission can manage competencies by going to Admin > Organisation > Competencies.

Note that you will need to enable the Competencies feature under Admin > System > Features before you can use this functionality.

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