Org Units represent the high-level org structure of your organization, and they allow you to create multiple plans in Cascade. To set up your Org Units, go to Admin > Organization then click on the Org Units tab.

Alternatively, you can use the plan drop-down menu on the Planner page and go to 'Plus Symbol' > Add Plan

You can add new Org Units by clicking on the “Add Organization Unit” button. You will need to select a parent unit for new units, but you can continue creating as many units as you need in a multi-level hierarchy (to see this hierarchy, simply click the org tree icon next to the "Allow Plan" column).

Adding a New Org Unit:

Your first Org Unit will likely be at the ‘top’ of your organization and will be named after the organization name used during the initial setup of Cascade. You can edit the name of your Org Units by clicking on the edit icon on the right-hand side (or by double-clicking the name).

Note: Your Top Org Unit cannot be moved downwards, however, you can move any Org Unit upward to be at the top of your organization (as long as it has an enabled plan).

Adding a new Plan:
Once the Org Units have been created, there's an option to “Allow Plan” by enabling it with the check box. To disable an Org Unit, simply deselect using the checkbox.

Enabling & Disabling an Org Unit:

To delete an Org Unit, click on the 'X' icon. An Org Unit must be disabled before it can be deleted.

Note: Additional Org Units are not required and may not be applicable for many smaller organizations. However, they can be very powerful when analyzing your data across the different sections of your organization.

After enabling your new plan, you can start building out your new plan.

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