There are times when you might want to transition from one strategic plan to another. For example if you have a 1 year plan and wish to transition to the 'next year' plan - or if you've simply decided to rebuild your strategic plan from the ground up.

The best way to do this is to use the Multi-Plan feature as this allows you to create a new strategic plan, which you can keep in a draft state, and then selectively transition aspects of your old plan to this new plan by changing the alignment of the goals you wish to move to the new plan. When you're ready to launch the new plan, simply launch that plan as normal and archive the old one using the instructions below.

If you want to archive your whole strategy, or parts of it, you can also do this on the Planner page. You’ll need to archive each organizational goal one by one – but don’t worry, when you do this, you’ll be given the option to also archive EVERY linked goal underneath each one too. Click the ‘More options’ for an organizational goal, then you’ll see an ‘Archive’ button. Click this, and you’ll be able to select whether to archive only the organizational goal, or ALSO all of the linked goals underneath it:

Click on a goal to include it in the archiving process. Each time you click on a goal, it will expand to show if there are also linked goals underneath that you need to consider archiving. Once you’ve selected the goals to archive, click ‘Next’ and you will be shown a summary of all actions and notifications that will be sent when you confirm the archive.

NOTE - it is recommended that all aligned goals should get archived or re-aligned to another parent goal when archiving a parent goal. Otherwise these goals will not show up in your strategic plan but will show up when running reports or dashboards.

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