Exporting your Strategy to PDF

This article will explain the way you can export your Strategic Plan to PDF from your Planner page

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If you want to create a PDF export of your strategic plan, you will need to first navigate to the Planner page. On this page you will see a button in the top right hand corner called 'Actions' - simply click the ‘Actions' button to see your PDF export options.

You’ll be asked to choose between a ‘Summary’ export which is just the high level elements of your plan on 1 or 2 pages, or a ‘Detailed’ export which will give you a detailed document with all aspects of your plan included, from your vision and values, all the way through to your goals. 

Once you've exported your strategic plan you can then share the plan with any offline stakeholder necessary.

You can also export Snapshot Reports and Dashboards if you would like more customized and refined details of your strategy. 

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