Sharing Dashboards

This article looks at how to share Dashboards, and the different sharing options available.

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Dashboards inside Cascade can be shared with other users, giving them a copy of your dashboard in their account. Shared dashboards are read only, and only the owner or co-owners of a shared dashboard will be able to make changes to it.

Note that only dashboards you own can be shared with other people ("My Dashboards" section). To share the dashboard you are looking at, click Options > Share in the top-right corner of the page.

There are five different sharing options:

  1. Don’t Share: This option will revoke the access to the dashboard if you no longer wish to share it.

  2. Share with the entire organisation: This options will share the dashboard with all users in the organisation. When your users are added to Cascade they will automatically see this dashboard in their account.

  3. Share with permission level: This option will share a dashboard with users who have a particular permission level. You are able to select more than one permission to share the dashboard with. Users who are given this permission at a later date will automatically have this dashboard shared with them.

  4. Share with specific people: This option allows you to share a dashboard with specific users in Cascade, to do this simply search for a name.

  5. Transfer ownership: This option allows you to transfer the ownership of a dashboard to another person, once this is done you will lose the ability to edit the dashboard.

Note that sharing a dashboard does not alert the users you share it with at this time.

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