This article explains Risks in Cascade and how they can be used.

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Risks allow you to flag problems, issues, risks etc. against a particular Goal. The Risks can then be commented and reported on throughout the system.

Cascade uses the following definition of Risk:

Risks are things which you are worried could happen with regard to your Goal, but have not necessarily happened yet.

Risks must be attached to a Goal. Simply open the Goal you wish to raise the Risk for, and click the ‘Add Risk’ button.

You can split your Risk between a title and (optionally) more details. You can also upload a file which will be stored alongside your Risk.

Cascade also starts you off with some custom fields to help give Risk Scores for each Risk you escalate. These can be taken out or customized further in the Strategy Model.

Risk notifications will be sent to co-owners of the Goal, and also appear on their dashboards when they first log into the system.

Once a Risk has been raised it will sit under the Risks section of the Goal Hub. Here you will also be able to resolve the Risk or comment on it.

Expand a Risk to leave a comment:

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