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Completing Manager Appraisals (Limited Support)
This article looks at how to complete your Manager Appraisal, and where to find it.
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Manager appraisals can only be started once the performance administrator has switched the cycle into the “Manager Appraisal” stage. Once the cycle has moved to the "Manager Appraisal" stage, users will no longer be able to complete their self appraisals.
Managers can access their team's self assessments and complete the assessment for each individual from the My Team page, which sits under the tab with your name. Once on the My Team page, simply find the user who you'd like to give an appraisal for and select the 'Performance' button- this will take you to their Performance Appraisal.

During the manager appraisal phase, admin users with Performance permission will be able to review and return the manager appraisal if it requires changes. You are able to do this from Reports > Performance. Double click on the performance assessment that you would like to review, click on 'Return Manager Appraisal' button and write a comment if the manager appraisal requires changes. Once the manager appraisal is rejected, the manager will receive a notification and the manager appraisal will need to be re-submitted.

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