Adding Role Descriptions (Limited Support)

This article walks through 'Role Descriptions' in Cascade and how to assign them to roles.

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Role Descriptions

Cascade allows you to store and manage all role descriptions for your organization. Role Descriptions can be used in isolation or in conjunction with the Performance Management and Competencies features. Even if you choose to use Role Descriptions in isolation, you can use the feature to bring an additional level of transparency to your organization by allowing people to search for the Role Descriptions of their colleagues so that your people get a better understanding of the different roles in your organization. This is a very useful component for career and development planning.

Assigning Role Descriptions

Each Role in Cascade can be assigned a Role Descriptions. You can have multiple Roles that all share the same Role Description. For example you may have 5 separate ‘Business Analyst’ Roles – each Role being occupied by a different User – but all 5 of the Roles could share the same Role Description.

You can assign Role Descriptions by going to Admin > Organisation > Roles. Once there, click the edit icon for the Role that you want to assign a Role Description to. Go to the ‘Organisation Details’ tab and select the Role Description from the drop-down menu as shown:

If you can’t see the Role Description you want to assign to the Role, you may need to first create it. To do so, switch to Admin > Organisation > Role Descriptions and look at the complete list of Role Descriptions that are loaded for your Organisation:

From here, you can:

Add Role Description
 Create a brand new Role Description

Edit Role Description Header
Edit the standard header section that will appear on ALL Role Descriptions. This is an optional feature and can be left blank as needed.

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