Introduction to Performance (Limited Support)

This article goes through the basics of our Performance Assessment.

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Performance is now deprecated and we will only provide limited maintenance and support for existing clients.


“Performance management” in Cascade is the process for assessing an individual’s contribution over a period of time. The specifics of each stage can be configured, however there are four main steps.

It involves both a continuous process of managing the performance of yourself and your employees, as well as a formal end-of-period review process.
There are four stages to performance management:

Ongoing Assessment: where you update your goals and have meetings with your manager / staff. Read more here

Self Assessment: where you review your own performance and give yourself a series of ratings. Read more here

Manager Appraisal: where your manager will review your self assessment and give ratings of their own. Read more here

Results Released: where results will be released after being reviewed and finalized by an administrator. 

Typically, performance management covers performance against goals, values, and your overall effectiveness against your role description – though, these sections are customizable. NOTE- because each state follows a workflow, once you switch your organisation to a new state you will not to be able to go back to a previous state (e.g. once you switch to the “Manager Appraisal”, individuals will no longer be able to complete Self Appraisals as part of this assessment cycle).

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