Talent Management (Limited Support)

This article looks into the Talent Management module, how to set up and use the Potential Survey, as well as how to view the results.

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Talent Management is now deprecated and we will only provide limited maintenance and support for clients on this feature.

Talent Management

Cascade’s Talent Management module is designed to help you evaluate the potential of the people in your organisation. The talent grid takes the scores from the performance rating on your people and compares it to a potential score for those people. Each person will fall somewhere on a 9-box grid. You are also able to compare different organizational units performance and potential.

Setting up a Potential Survey

To gauge the potential of your people, a potential survey is issued to managers to asses their team, this can be set up in Admin > Surveys. Potential surveys do not need to be deployed like regular surveys, potential surveys are automatically available to managers if the “Employee Potential Survey” type is selected.

The Potential Survey template can have additional questions added, or questions deleted, if you need to customise.

Completing Potential Surveys

Managers can access the potential surveys for their direct reports from the My Team page.

This survey will be completed by managers to determine the employees potential scores. These score will be quantitative so the questions used must be ratings.

Talent Grid and Reporting

The talent grid sits in Reports > Performance > Talent grid. If both your performance cycle is in progress or has been completed and your potential survey has been completed, your data will display the points on the graph.

A report is also generated with the talent grid, this will give you the specific breakdown of each individuals performance and potential scores as well as the category they fall into. This information can be filtered by different business units and downloaded as a CSV or a PDF.


Why aren’t all individuals in my organisation displaying on the talent grid?

An Individual will only display on the Talent Grid if both the Managerial Assessment and the Potential survey for that person has been completed.

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