Create a summary digest email

With summary digest emails, you can automatically create and send scheduled or one-off goal reports via email.

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Summary digest emails give an overview of the status and progress of a team's goals.
You can schedule summary digests to send automatically. When you create a summary digest, you can automate:

  • When the updates send

  • What goal progress to include

  • Who receives the emails

How to schedule summary digests

To send a summary digest email, head to your Cascade instance. After you log in, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile in the bottom-left corner, then select Profile.

  2. Go to the Reminders tab.

  3. Find the Summary Digest box. Use the pencil icon to edit the digest.

  4. Edit the digest to send the content you want. There are 3 tabs to edit.

On this tab...

do these actions...


  • Write the email's subject line

  • Choose which goals to send in the report


  • Select who will receive the emails (they must be members of your Cascade instance)


  • Select how often the digest email is sent

    • for example, every month, every quarter, or one off .

Summing up

This page goes over how to create a summary digest email. These emails summarize the goal progress of your team. If you schedule the summary digest email to happen more than once, these emails will send at regular periods.

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