The Charts Widget - Pie Charts

This article will explain how to add a pie chart using the Charts Widget to dashboards.

Written by Kevin Hwang
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Create beautiful dashboards that will enable you and your team gain powerful insights into your Cascade data and help you make informed decisions.

To add a Charts widget:

  • First go to Track > Dashboards.

  • Click "Add widget".

  • Choose the "Charts widget" and choose the chart type from the following options:

    • Bar single, stacked and grouped.

    • Pie (which we will cover in this article).

    • Line.

How to set up a pie chart

  • From Chart Type, select Pie chart and give your widget a name.

  • Next select Data Source. Here you can find specific goals or focus areas.

  • In Data Filters you can filter by any goal's attributes available. Learn more about Filters here.

  • Next select Group by and Value options from the Data Arrangement section.

    • You should see your chart update automatically on the left side.

  • You can choose whether to display a legend or data labels from the Display Settings section.

  • Click Save to see the pie chart on your dashboard.

By clicking on one of the slices of the pie you'll see a breakdown of the data for each slice.

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