You can connect your Salesforce account to Cascade to automate current goal progress updates using data from the summary fields on Salesforce Reports.

Note: Only certain Salesforce subscription allow for access to the API for Integrations.

First make sure your Salesforce Report is set up correctly

Goals can be tracked by summary fields from Salesforce reports. To set up your reports follow these steps:

1. In Salesforce goto Reports and select the Report with the data you want to send to Cascade

You will see all your summarized fields at the top of your report.

2. To add summarized fields to your report, simply edit your report.

3. When editing you will see a list of the columns in your report in the left side panel. The fields that are highlighted in blue are the number fields that you can add as summary fields to your report.

3. Click on a number field that you would like to include as the progress update that you send to Cascade, this will open a pop-up to select a summary field option. Choose how you want that summary to be calculated (sum, average, max or min).

4. Click Apply then Save & Run your report.

5. When finished you will see the field on your report and will then be able to go to Cascade and select that field while setting up Salesforce as your tracking type for your goal.

Add a connection

You will need to authenticate a connection to your Salesforce from Cascade.

To do this simply:

  1. Go to the Integrations Hub (Click profile icon > Integrations > Goal Progress)

  2. Click '+ Add Connection' for Salesforce

  3. Name your connection

  4. Select if it is Private or Shared

  5. Click Connect

  6. An authorization window will appear. Log in to your Salesforce and allow access

  7. If succesful, a confirmation banner will appear on Cascade! Now you can set up your goal tracking

Set up your automation in Cascade

  1. Go to a goal you want to update automatically via Salesforce

  2. Edit the Tracking Type and select Salesforce

  3. Use an existing connection or add a new connection

  4. Choose your Report, then the Summary Field that will update your progress. Then save the automation.


Why am I getting an error saying my connection is unable to connect?

Try the following if you are receiving an error message when trying to use your Salesforce integration:

  1. Goto Profile > Integrations

  2. Click Goal Progress

  3. Find you Salesforce connection

  4. Click the bin icon to Delete the connection

  5. Re-add the connection

What Salesforce subscription do I need?

Salesforce restricts access to its API for certain subscriptions. This means that you will only be able to use our Salesforce integration if it's included in your subscription. Ask your Salesforce admin or support representative to check if you have access.

Can I connect my log in multiple times?

No. Connections are based on logging in to a Salesforce account so you can only create one connection per SF login in Cascade. This means that your username in Salesforce can only be authenticated once for your whole Cascade instance. If you want to share your reports to other members in Cascade, make sure your connection is shared on the Integrations page (Profile icon > Integrations > Goal Progress).

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