Managing your personal workload in Cascade begins with the My Goals page, found under the Manage menu:

There are plenty of cool tools and views in Cascade that let you focus in on your work, such as Dashboards and Snapshots, but Cascade comes ready to help you manage your list of owned and co-owned Goals immediately via this page.

NOTE: Remember to check the "Show Sub-Goals owned by you" box if you want to see all of your aligned work in one view. If that makes the page too overwhelming, you can always see Sub-Goals via the Sidebar for a parent Goal, too.

You can do all of the following from My Goals, and we'll cover each action in detail:

  1. Add new Goals/Projects, regardless of whether they align with a bigger strategy.
  2. Update progress on any Goals via the Sidebar.
  3. Mark Tasks complete instantly.
  4. Personal Goal assessment - group and sort your Goals to maintain a healthy balance of effort.
  5. Big picture assessment - see which plan(s) your work contributes to, and how.

Creating New Goals

Adding your work to Cascade is as simple as clicking "+ ADD GOAL" in the upper-right corner of the My Goals page:

This will open up the Goal Designer. The Designer makes adding your work to Cascade extremely fast and easy. Don't take my word for it - give it a try!

When adding a Goal, do the following at a minimum:

  1. Enter a title (at least two words)
  2. Choose what you're building (Objective, Project, KPI, something else?)
  3. Enter a timeline
  4. Add co-owners as needed
  5. Launch!

Customize Tracking

Here are some best practices for the Customize Tracking section, depending on what you're adding. The linked clips above for Objective, Project, and KPI go through these in greater detail.

For Projects, we recommend choosing "Task Completion" as your Tracking Type under the Customize Tracking section. That way the progress of the Project will automatically be pushed by Tasks you create for it!

For KPIs (metrics), you must manually type in the Target metric you wish to track and clarify the unit of measure. The "Unit" drop-down will appear as soon as you type in the Target field!

For Projects AND KPIs, we recommend telling Cascade how often to expect progress on the Goal under the Advanced tracking options. This will help to make sure your status of "On Track" or "Behind" is consistently as accurate as possible.


This is definitely not a requirement, but if you find that you need to align your Goal to a specific plan or other Goals across your organization, use the Alignment section to walk through that process.

This will ensure that your work directly contributes to the success of the bigger picture! Alignment across Cascade is one of the main long-term values of the system. See this article to learn more about the benefits of alignment.

NOTE: It's very common for different people and departments to get their workloads into Cascade right away, and then later align it directly to one or more strategic plans. Cascade handles it all throughout the process!

As soon as you click "Launch," your Goal will be ready for managing among all of your other Goals.

Updating Progress on Goals

You can enter updates on your Goals by clicking "View" (magnifying glass) to open the Sidebar. For more information on updating progress on your Goals, see this page.

You can also update current Goal/metric progress directly on The Sidebar with the Slider or by typing in the current metric.

If you cannot update Goal progress with the Slider, it’s because the Tracking Type of this Goal is not set to “Manual Tracking.” The status and progress are coming from other Goals or Tasks.

You can check what might be connected to the Goal by using the Cascade Tree (see below) or by checking alignment directly in the Sidebar (expand the details directly under where the owners are listed).

Task Management

The My Goals page also includes Tasks related to the Projects/work you are managing in Cascade, found in the upper-right corner under the +ADD GOAL button.

Marking Tasks Complete/Incomplete

You can quickly mark Tasks off as complete/incomplete here, and any Projects relying on those Tasks will automatically have their progress pushed by this.

If you want to deep-dive into the details of the related Project, just click the Task title to briefly open up the Sidebar.

Filtering and Grouping Tasks

If you hover over the corner of the Tasks section, you'll find the settings (gear) button. Use this to customize your Task view as needed.

Personal Goal Assessment

You can group and sort your Goals/work on the fly using the drop-down menus at the top of the page. Is it more important to group your Goals by status, due date, or Focus Area? Any of these can be quickly toggled at any time.

Big Picture Assessment

You can toggle the Plan drop-down menu in the lower-right corner of the My Goals page to focus on work specific to any one plan at a time.

If you group by Focus Areas at the top of the page, you'll immediately see how your work contributes to the big picture of the chosen strategy!

As mentioned earlier, for more details around what your work specifically aligns to, you can find the alignment information right away via the Cascade Tree or the Sidebar.

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