Snapshot - Type (Template)

Learn the differences between each type of Snapshot report, depending on the template you choose.

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Creating Snapshots is a quick process. After building and saving a Snapshot with one of our templates, it can be generated at any time to show current information about the plan and/or goals it captures.

Template = Context

The Personal, Team, and Strategy templates are the most commonly used, but all of them will walk you through the same basic process.

  • Personal: Goals owned by one or more specific people (your goals by default)

  • Team: Goals owned by one or more manager and their direct reports (your team by default). Remember, "Team" only means "Direct Reports."

  • Strategy: All goals in one or more specific strategic plans

  • Org Unit: All goals, grouped by Org Unit (typically department - see here for more on Org Units)

  • Weights: All goals grouped by weighting

  • Goal: Run a report for specific goals in the system, or run a report for ALL goals in the system. This is also perfect for looking into all archived goals (read more).

Once you have a Snapshot template chosen, the next step is to clarify Secondary Grouping & Scope.

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