For a full summary of how to add users to Cascade, see this article: Adding Users.

When you create a new user (or at any time), you can notify them by email of their login details. They will receive a username and a randomly generated password for Cascade.

  • First, go to Admin > Organization and the Users tab.
  • Next, locate a user you would like to notify and click on the mail icon.
  • Here you will be able to select which users you wish to notify, by ensuring they sit inside the panel on the right.
  • Select Next and confirm you would like the notification to be sent by selecting Send Emails.

Note: When you notify a user, users who have previously been notified will be marked with a “Notified” label next to their name. If you do send a notification email to someone who has already been notified, their password will be reset to a randomly generated one – so be aware of this before you send notifications to users who may already be using the system.

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