How to Transfer or Reassign Goals

This article will explain the process for reassigning a single goal to another user, and how to reassign multiple goals to another user.

Written by Michael Fontanella
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Within Cascade, you have the option to change the owner of a single goal or multiple goals by re-assigning them to another user.

Re-assign a Single Goal

  • To reassign a goal to a different user, open the goal in the sidebar or Goal Hub.

  • Identify the Owner area showing the current owner and click into the box to select the new owner from the list or use the search box to find the user.

  • The new user selected will automatically be added as a co-owner. To make this user the owner, click on their name so you see the person icon filled in. This designates the primary owner, whereas the person outline signifies a co-owner.

  • If you'd like to remove the previous owner from the goal, click on the "X" on their name.

Re-assigning Multiple Goals in Bulk (Admins)

If you need to re-assign multiple goals from one User to another, instead of individually assigning the goals in the process described above, Cascade allows for a bulk transfer of Goals to speed up the process.

It's extremely important to bulk transfer important goals away from a Role you intend to delete, because when a Role is deleted, all goals aligned to that Role are also deleted and cannot be retrieved!

  • Start by going to Profile > Organization and then selecting the Roles section.

  • Search for the user whose goals you'd like to transfer. Once located, click on the paper plane icon to view all their goals (far right under "Clear filters").

  • Once in the Goal re-assignment page, you can individually select the goals you'd like to reassign, or 'Select All Goals' and transfer all goals owned by this user.

  • Next, search for the user you'd like to re-assign the goals to and select them.

  • Clicking the Next button will take you to a screen to review the goals being transferred, and then Save to set the changes in place.

See also our article about Archiving & Deleting Users.

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