How to view your Plan(s) in different ways

This article shows how to view other plans from the Planner, Explore, and Snapshot pages.

Written by Michael Fontanella
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There are several ways to view plans within Cascade. You can view your plans through the Planner, by generating a Snapshot, or by using the Explore tool. 

How to view other plans from the Planner

From the Planner page, click on the Plan name in the upper left-hand corner. This will show you a list of all currently-enabled plans. 

  • Click on the plan you want to view and start updating

  • You can favorite a plan by clicking the star icon  (this will keep that plan in favorite plans)

How to view other plans from Snapshots

By going to Track > Snapshots you can create a snapshot report showing any plan or plans you choose.

  • Select a Strategy Report and select the plans you want to view

  • Tip: Deselect the Limit Goal Levels box to make sure all levels of the plan are included

  • Adjust columns as needed and hit generate to see the plan

How to view other plans from the Explore tool 

To access the Explore tool, go to Track > Explore. This feature is only available to Enterprise clients.

  • Click on the plan name in the top right corner and select the plan you want to view

  • The explore view is a good visualization tool and can help you see how goals are aligned within the plan

  • From this view, you can also click on goals and view them in the Goal Hub

You might also like to pull your entire plan into a dashboard using our Planner Widget. If you're looking to add a new plan or make adjustments to current plans, see our article on how to add plans and org units

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