The My Team page is found under Manage > My Team and it allows you to work with members of your team to manage their goals.

You can perform a range of actions via the My Team page, including:

  • Viewing all team member goals in a neat summary
  • Navigating to other teams in the organization to view their goals
  • Quick view of progress and the option to click on the goal to make updates or adjustments via the Sidebar

Using the My Team Page

When you land on the My Team page you’ll see a list of any direct reports you have configured in Cascade, each with a list of the different goals that they’re working on. You can click on any of these goals to open the Sidebar for that goal.

You can also click on the "View Manager's Team" button in the upper-right corner to see a full list of your manager's team's ownership (including your own!).

How else can I manage my team?

We recommend using a combination of My Team, Snapshot reports, and Dashboards to report on and manage your team - whatever works best for you!

The Engagement Report is also a highly-useful tool found under the Manage menu, where you can track logins and high-level actions taken across your team members.

You can also monitor and update your own goals within the My Goals page in that same area of Cascade (Manage > My Goals).

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