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Learn how to manage your team members in Cascade, using the My Team section of GoalDeck.

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The My Team view is found under GoalDeck and it allows you to work with members of your team to manage their goals.

You can perform a range of actions via the My Team view, including:

  • Group and sort all team member goals in a neat summary

  • Filter on individual team member goal lists by toggling their initials circled above

  • Quick view of goal progress and the option to click on the goal to make updates or adjustments via the Sidebar

Who is on my "Team?"

When you land on the My Team view you’ll see a list of goals owned by any direct reports you have configured in Cascade based on their Roles in the org structure.

Try grouping by "Owner" to view a clearly-grouped list per person:

You can add more people to your view at any time by following these instructions:

  1. Click the " + " button to the right of your direct reports' initials.

  2. Click "Edit Team" in the top-right corner of the Sidebar that opens up.

  3. Search for anyone in the system who you would like to add to your view.

  4. Click "Save" and close out of the Sidebar.

Note that this does NOT change the org structure in the background. This is just a way to flexibly bring people in and out of your personal team view.

How else can I manage my team?

We recommend using a combination of My Team, Snapshot reports, and Dashboards to report on and manage your team - whatever works best for you!

The Engagement Report is also a highly-useful tool found under the Track menu, where you can track logins and high-level actions taken across your team members.

You can also monitor and update your own goals within the My Goals view in GoalDeck.

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