How to Copy or Clone a Goal

This article walks through how to clone a Goal in Cascade.

Written by Michael Fontanella
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Cascade allows you to create new goals in Cascade by cloning an existing one. To clone a goal you will need to click on the three dots (More Options) on the sidebar, in the Goal Hub, or on the Planner page. 

Clone Goals from My Goals

  • Go to GoalDeck.

  • From the My Goals tab, click Clone

  • Adjust the start and due dates and the owner/co-owner if needed.

  • An option at the bottom allows you to “Additionally Clone” any sub-goals. Un-check the box if you do not wish to clone the lower level goals.

Clone Goals from More Options

  • Once you click the clone button, a Goal designer window will open giving you the option to change the pre-existing goal information. The word COPY will automatically be inserted into the end of the goal title to avoid confusion.

  • You will be given the option to Clone Aligned Goals attached to the goal, and the owner of the cloned sub-goals will default to the user who currently owns the parent goal. Or, if you are cloning an Organisational Goal, the Sub-Goals will be assigned to their original owners.

You can also use the "More Options" method from directly in the Sidebar:

If you cloned a goal by mistake or realize there’s a duplicate, you can easily archive the goal by using the same menu (see above). For more information on archiving goals, see this article.

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