How to Delete Goals

How to delete an archived or draft goal within Cascade.

Written by Michael Fontanella
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Active Goals in Cascade must be archived before they are deleted. See this article on How to Archive Goals as needed. There are a couple of places where you can permanently delete a goal. 

Delete owned goals from GoalDeck

If you need to delete a goal you own or co-own, toggle "Archived Goals" to quickly see your personal archived goals:

Archived Goals -> On

Use the three-dot menu to then delete archived goals in your table:

(Note: Goals that are deleted CANNOT be restored to the system.)

Delete through Snapshots
To delete any other archived goals, you will first need to generate a filtered snapshot for those goals. See this article for more detailed steps on how to build the report. 

  • Open the archived goal in the sidebar, click on the three dots (More Options) and select Delete. Next, confirm the goal deletion (this cannot be undone) and click Delete Goal.

Deleting a Draft Goal

Draft goals will not need to be archived prior to deleting, because they can be deleted straight away by clicking on the three dots (More Options), and then Delete.

(Note: If the draft goal has sub goals attached to it, you won’t be able to delete it. The 'Delete' button will remain greyed out until all its sub goals are either archived, deleted or re-aligned to another parent goal.)

Have you archived a goal by mistake? See how to unarchive a goal.

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