To unarchive a goal, first navigate to the correct archive (depending on whether it is an organisational goal or one of your own), and selecting the folder icon or more options to unarchive. 

Once restored, a goal will move back to the My Goals page, or the Planner, depending on where it came from.

Unarchive from My Goals

  • Once you have archived a Goal it will move to the archive tab inside your My Goals page (if it’s a goal you own), and you will still be able to click inside it and view all the connected information, but you cannot make any changes.
  • Click on the folder icon (unarchive) to restore the goal, and the goal should return to your "Active" goal list under My Goals.

Unarchive an Organisational Goal (or any other Goal)

  • If you archive a Goal that is not your own, you will first need to find the archived Goal by generating a Snapshot report. See this page for details.
  • Users with Strategy Privilege have the ability to archive their own goals, as well as any other goal in the organisation. However, once archived, they only have the ability to delete goals they own. They will not be able to delete goals that belong to other users.

To learn how to permanently delete goals, take a look at our article: How to delete goals.

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