The Notes Widget

Enter free-text notes or an agenda on your dashboard using the Notes Widget.

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The notes widget allows you to write notes, add pictures, videos, links, and messages on dashboards. It is essentially a post it note that you can add on to your dashboard that allows you to embed different types of media on to Cascade.

To add a notes widget:

  • Click on "Add widget" 

  • Select the notes Widget 

  • Click and drag the bottom right corner to your desired size.

  • Start typing!

  • To add a hyperlink click anywhere on the widget and click on the link icon

  • You can also add images, charts, and different formatting this way as well

  • To edit the widget title, simply click on the title which is saved automatically.

  • To add a video, click on the ... icon and select "video" instead of note

To add images in the Notes widget:

  1. Download the image you want to embed as a JPEG

  2. Upload on google -

  3. Create a shareable link from the image you just uploaded

  4. Put the shareable link into this website ( which converts it to code we can embed in Cascade

  5. Paste the embed code into the photo button

If you have issues using the above method, try the following:

  1. Upload the image you want to embed to this site:

  2. Copy the direct link generated for the image.

  3. Click the image button in the notes widget, and paste the link into the URL section of both of the two tabs.

  4. Click the green OK button and the image will appear in the notes widget.

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