The Single Goal Widget

This article will explain how to use the Goals Widget within a dashboard.

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This, along with the table widget is the most commonly used type of widget in Cascade. With the goal widget, you can select a specific goal and any aligned goals and show the progress with a line graph, bar chart, gantt chart, or table. The KPI's shown below were comprised entirely out of this widget.  

To add a Goals Widget:

  • First click "Add widget."

  • Choose the "Goals widget" and search for a goal.  

  • Then, decide if you want to display all aligned goals, or only the overarching goal that you chose. 

  • Then choose how you'd like to display your content.  Options are listed below:

  1. Line graph or Bar Chart over time

Line Graph
You can chose to display the target and threshold (if you've set a universal tolerance) directly on the widget.  If you tick these off, we recommend turning on the "Display legend" tick-box as it makes things very clear for anyone viewing the widget.

Bar chart
If you want to view your information in bar chart form, un-check the line chart, click the bar chart, and chose whether you want the information to be displayed cumulatively or non cumulatively.  This bar chart will show you a bar for every milestone. 

Other configuration options of the line or bar chart:

  • Remove the header altogether

  • Selecting the offset will tell you how ahead or behind the goal is from the target on the top banner of the widget 

  • Selecting the "Show Sub header" will remove any of the basic information on the goal (for example owner, weighting, time allocated, dates).  Go ahead and un-check any of these if they are not applicable and don't need to be seen on the dashboard.

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