Goal Change / Audit Dashboard

Learn how to setup a dashboard that will help you to monitor changes to goals.

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Cascade - Driven by Transparency

One of the core features of Cascade is the transparency and empowerment it provides to employees. That means that in most cases, we try to avoid providing tools that restrict a user's ability to make changes to goals that they own.

Instead, we're focused on providing tools that allow you to implement detailed monitoring of everything that's happening across your organization - driving maximum transparency whilst retaining empowerment for users to own and manage their own work.

That said, we understand that being able to monitor changes made in the system can be equally important, depending on the situation.

Creating an Audit Dashboard

A great way to stay on-top of changes happening to goals is to create an Audit Dashboard. This dashboard will give you an up-to-date view on everything that's changed in a specific focus area or goal.

You'll end up with something like this:

Here are the steps to create it:

  1. Create a new dashboard and call it 'Audit'.

  2. Add an 'Update' widget.

  3. Search for one of your focus areas and select it.

  4. Click the 'cog' icon to access the settings for the new widget.

  5. Change the radio-button to 'All Aligned Goals'

  6. Under Filters, turn off all of the check-boxes except for 'Show Audit Logs'.

  7. Choose the types of changes you would like to audit on this widget.

  8. Under 'Show From' change the time period to the period you want to monitor (the longer the time period you choose, the slower the widget will be to load).

  9. Save your changes by clicking the green 'tick' in the top right of the widget.

The settings will look something like this:

Repeat the process for each of the focus areas you wish to monitor. Note that you're not limited to monitoring focus areas, you can monitor individual goals (and their sub-goals) too. Also note that due to the amount of data these widgets will be accessing (by choosing the 'All Aligned Goals' option, you're asking the system to scan all connected goals for changes, starting with the topmost goal or focus area), they may be a little slow to load on the dashboard.

Don't forget to share this dashboard with others who may want to keep an eye on what's happening throughout the organization. For a complete overview on Dashboards in Cascade, check out this article.

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